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Supports BSL :-(

BSL Around The World

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February 08, 2007



This is an awesome website keep up the good work guys.


This is a aewsome website keep up the good work guys!!!


This is a aewsome website keep up the good work guys!!!


This website is awesome. . . it's good to know that someone is recording incidents for the better. I'll be sure to report the next time I hear of a breed discriminating incident- As well as calling them personally, which I already do.

MyDogVotes stamps-genious!


Best Friends Society is the ones that rescued and apoted out Michael Vicks Pitbull's... I just called them and believe your information is inaccurate. They do not support BSL.... I am have researched their site too. They attenened the Summit but not in support for BSL.. . Certainly PETA is not only for the ban of Pitbulls for would like to rid us of ALL our domestic animals. They are terrible!!! I am right on board with you on BSL!!! GOOD WORK KEEP IT UP!!!!

Best Friends Dangerous Dog Summit
November 2, 2006 : 1:44 PM
I just returned from Denver where I attended the Best Friends Dangerous Dogs Summit - "It's not just the Pits". It was an extremely well run conference and I was more than impressed with the Best Friends staff and guest speakers. The emphasis was on preventing breed specific laws (BSL) along with addressing why we are seeing more aggressive dogs each year.

What I took away from the summit was that we need to stay ahead of the issue rather than wait until BSL is threatening our county or city. In order to do so, the animal communities (shelters, rescue groups, vets, animal control, etc.) need to come together and go forth as one reasonable voice.

I am on the board of St. Mary's Animal Welfare League in St. Mary's County, MD. We have not begun to address this issue ourselves however like many rescue groups, there are too many issues and not enough volunteers. Regardless from time to time, I plan to come to this sight and write about any progress we have made to date. I would like to know if there are other rescue groups, shelters or individuals that are actively involved in fighting breed specific laws as well and at which level: city, county or state?

Most of us in Maryland are aware of the Pit Bull ban in Prince Georges County so we know it's possible. Several localities across the United States that have enacted breed specific laws don't stop at Pit Bulls. Many breeds are at risk and the time to act is now . . . not when you receive notice that your dog is no longer welcomed in your community.

I'm trying to get educated on what BSL activity is taking place across the state of Maryland and elsewhere in the country. I will continue to share what I've learned with the Best Friends network and hope you will do the same as well. Thank you.


People need to understand BSL is not just Pitbulls it's YOUR breed too!! Stand up and let your voice be heard!! Contact your local legislator, write letters, call your local radio station, and make sure your dog is an ambassador for the breed!!! Let everyone KNOW HOW WONDERFUL THEY ARE!!!! Remember we need to protect our furry friends!

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Behavioral research discloses that human relations at work are just easier, perhaps because they are more regular and predictable and thus simpler to adjust to than the sporadic, the more intense and less regular relationship in the community.

Chubs the Frenchie

But what about the pitbulls that really do attack dogs? Here's some pics from a pitbull attack at a nice friendly park https://www.chubbystud.com/ Chubbas been going there for years,... And no, the dog didn't deserve it. Nor was this the 1st time we've seen a pit bull make another dog a victim. Horrible thing about it, the owner said it happened because he had his balls.

I love pits, but there has to be something to prevent the psycho ones from reproducing. I think that something should be the owners that actually love pits and want them around forever.


Chubs the frenchie..
Sadly that is one those owners who cant or just does not train there pitbull. Remember No dog is born a killer or mean, owners just make them mean or killers. Any dog can be trained to be mean, people right now just target pitbulls. BSL is not the answer there are many altern...

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We all want from senior fellows and learn something. Even the biggest geniuses, if want to list with his peculiar inner self to deal with everything, he will never achieve much.

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i love pits, but there has to be something to prevent the psycho ones from reproducing. I think that something should be the owners that actually love pits and want them around forever.

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pets are pretty.i love them so much.

Edith Bowler

I applaud your work against BSL but belive your accusation that the HSUS "supports" BSL is incorrect. Some breeds, including pit bulls, are in desperate need of protection both from BSL -- AND from backyard breeder and puppy-mill operators. HSUS is working to help in both ways. Here the HSUS makes it clear it is AGAINST BSL: https://www.humanesociety.org/animals/dogs/facts/statement_dangerous_dogs_breed_specific_legislation.html

I am a lawyer and have been active in animal rescue for two decades, both with "hands on" rescue (fostering and working puppy-mill seizures), and by donating legal work to small rescue groups, including working against BSL.
The HSUS does excellent work in promoting GOOD legislation and working AGAINST BSL. Please correct your website so inaccuacies don't weaken your arguments and good work. Thank you.

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I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Someone there is full of crap! Neither HSUS nor PETA support BSL. Get your facts straight!



Remember No dog is born a killer or mean, owners just make them mean or killers.

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Sounds like a worthy foundation
I have to read up on it some more


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