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February 2007

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February 04, 2007


Reverend Brendon L. Garrett

I am So sorry to all of those who are like myself that feel that we are getting so much closer to Lose Our Love Ones,Our babies.I really wish people would not be so selfish
" A Greatness of a Nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated"
Most Canines that are victims of BSL are guilty of nothing but Loving Someone They Deserve a shot at life just like we who make mistakes

Reverend Brendon L. Garrett



hi im bryana, and i never knew wat a fight people have been going through to keep those breeds from being ban, we just got our first pitbull 6 months ago and wen we heard about this we were really mad, because its not the breed, its the owner who raises them, thankyou for this webpage, because now i understand more then b4


this is so dumb, my cuz has pitts and they r soo sweet and a guy killed them cuz he knew they were pitts! that makes me mad and i loved those dogs, plz help stop bsl!!!


I have a 2 year old pit named Debo. he's such a good dog. with kids and other dogs. its a proven fact that pit bulls pass temperment tests better than chihihuas (so called americas sweethearts) (pits 85%) (chihuas less than 72%) people always believe what the media says and its not ALWAYS true. like that pit that came out on the news cuz he mauled a baby to death mabee it was true bt its not the dogs fault its the owners cuz he never taught the dog right from wrong. look at that those 2 pomeraineans who also mauled that baby 2 death. u don't c them trying 2 kill the breed!

bsl/bright size life

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Ayla Lopez-Casanova

Thats not fair!!! Why cant pitbulls live a normal life like the other breeds of dogs! Dont band them from the Us! No pitbull fighting! Yes love for all pitbulls...........


pit bulls are the smartet breeds and there oners are the dumbest reeds when you think ill they have a pit bull then you should be thinking ill look at me becuz pit bulls rock


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