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February 08, 2007


Angela Hollnagel

I own 2 full blooded APBT's and a pit boxer mix that I love as my children and will not tolerate BSL.. My dogs should not have to suffer due to the ignorance of others!! Just because some people do not know how to treat their pets does not mean they should punish those of us that do!!! I do however think that stonger punishment for owners that allow their dogs to run free and train them to attack would help to curve some of the problems that accure!!


I am a mom of 2 kids and a pitbull and I would not own any other kind of dog my dog is a family member like a 3rd child to me I get so sick of people talking bad about this breed IT IS NOT THE BREED IT'S THE STUPID HUMANS OUT THERE THAT TEACH THE DOGS BAD THINGS AND THE DOGS DO IT BECUASE THEY THINK THEY WILL GET LOVE IN RETURN STUPID HUMANS HUA? love your dog no matter what breed you have.


I live with my parents and their twin two year olds. I own two rottweilers. They play out in the yard together every day, and every day people like to slow down and tell me how one day it will turn and I will regret it. I think that one day they will regret the stereotyping and dislike on dogs that they could have recieved so much love from.


I am a owner of a wonderful pitbull (HAVIC) he is my 4 months bestfriend.. When the older kids r out side havic sits there and watches them if that wonder to far he barks to let me know.my dog looks at me and my family with nothing but love in his eyes now if thay try to come take my dog thay r gonna have a huge fight on thier hands cause i will not give up with out a fihgt

Amberly Morgan

BSL’s target the wrong end of the leash. It is the criminals and irresponsible pet owners that are abusing these dogs to make them “tougher”. If you make any breed illegal the criminals will not stop owning them, the good law abiding responsible owners will. Obviously making something illegal does not stop it….it just makes it more appealing to the wrong crowd. This is raciest….no matter how you look at it. Statistics show that the profile of a serial killer is a white male in his late 20’s early 30’s……we don’t kill or exile all males of that age range, why because not every male that falls in that category is a killer. Just like my 2 big headed, muscular, American Staffordshires are not dangerous and would never commit the crimes that are said to be “standard” to their breed. In the US Pit’s are accountable for 3 deaths last year….yet guns killed over 22,000 and cigarettes killed over double that amount….so logically, which should we ban? Any dog, any breed, raised wrong, can be dangerous….how many dogs are they going to outlaw before they realize that the problem is with the owners…..not the dogs! PUNISH THE DREED…NOT THE BREED!!

britnee walker

i will not tollerate bsl i love my pitts and it makes me cry everyday when i go to the shelter and see theblue tag on the cage meaning hes going to be put down what did he do to you i say i will do anything i can to stop this i just need tips on how to do so


i love my pit i hate those stupid people who mistreat animals and then pitss get blamed 4 it


i have a pit bull at home and she is nine years old and is the nicest dog i have ever seen. When people she has not seen before she does not bite she does not bark she just looks at them and they come over and pet her so plese do not ban my best friend and if you do just ban all dogs because it is not fair because other dogs have attacked people too so come on just let her bee...

aubrey 9 years old


We have three bully breed dogs who we adopted from a rescue. We also volunteer with that same bully breed rescue, and have had our lives forever touched by these loving dogs.

Unfortunately, BSL has come knocking on our door. We are trying to keep the City of Oshkosh, WI from passing some Breed Specific legislation. This has forced me to become an activist on the issue. We are not just sitting by and letting this happen without a fight! We are spreading the word. Every voice counts.

For more information, including a link to a petition, please visit www.stoposhkoshbsl.com

Thank you!!!


my best friends dog is a pitbull and she is the nicest dog ever and i love her so much and i have 2 dogs at my house they are not pits but they love her dog...

kiara 8 years old


I own a 1 1/2 yr old pit. she is part of my family. I wouldny trade her for any other dog in the world. She is the second pit i've owned. U dn't just adopt them they adopt u. They become part of your family. I have four children all that i trust my ppit with their lives. Its NOT THE BREED, its the HUMANS who breed them and train them to be the nasty killers. All for the love of a human which they never get from the MONSTERS that own them for all the wrong reasons. STOP PUNISHING THE BREED, START PUNISHING THE REAL MONSTERS!!!!!! Their 2 legged human owners!!!!!!


I own a 2 year old pit.(debo) hes such a sweetheart. Debo is like another brother 2 me. If i ever had 2 put him down I would probly want 2 die 2. BSL is BULL! Y do they hav 2 punish the dog wen they should be punishing the owners. I kno 4 a fact that pits pass temprment tests with an 85% the famous "sweethearts" like peris hiltons dog (chiwawas) pass with less than a 72% so whos the bad dog?

alex 13 <3


a person who commit first degree murder they go to jail for 25yrs an then they have a chance to be free again! But a dog gets sentenced to death just for being a certain breed! if thats not messed up and ignorant i dont know what is!!!


I am doing a 1,000 word essay on this topic and from what I learned I think It's the owners that abuse and do not take care of their dog very well.Some dogs have great owners, and no dog should ever be killed or restricted or banned because of that!

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